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WeekendRUSH Kids is the coolest place online for kids. Kids can learn in fun ways with games, interactive tools and other cool educational applications. Our site is kid safe and we invite you to stop by everyday.
Kids Weather Website EarthCam For Kids!
EarthCam for Kids!

+ See Your Local Forecast
+ Free Email Weather Alerts
Worst Weather
Fun Facts About Weather
Cool Weather Downloads
Games to Play
Monthly Kids Art Contest

+ Learn with Discovery Kids
+ Play Veggie Tales Games
+ Visit Scholastic Kids

Designed for children, it's filled with webcams that are kid friendly, fun, and educational. Take your kids to see tigers, search for ghosts, and journey to New York to visit the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy!

Visit EarthCam for Kids...
One last thing, If you don't have permission from your mom and dad to use WeekendRUSH or Nick.com, please stop and ask them. You'll feel better for knowing it's okay and hey, maybe you'll get to share some cool stuff with them.

Note to Parents!
Surfing the web can be both educational and serve as a danger to your children, so please help them get around and keep a close eye on their internet activity. Check out http://www.cybertipline.com/ to learn more online safety tips for caring Moms and Dads like you!

Special Offers from the Nickelodeon Shop and Others
Featured Web Cams
Falcon Cam

Sedona Cam

Times Square Cam
White House Kids

Learn about the President,
 the White House, and the
President's pets and animals

Nickelodeon Shop  Nickelodeon Shop  Nickelodeon Shop
Nickelodeon Shop  Nickelodeon Shop 
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+ National Geographic Kids
+ Kids.gov
+ PBS Kids
+ KidsCom.com
+ Encarta Homework Help
+ Yahoo! Kids
+ Kids Web Search

+ Kaboose.com
+ Sports Illustrated Kids
NASA for Kids

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